Perpetual Limbo

Perpetual Limbo

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Released 1/15/2006 Tallboy Records TB0012
Recorded and Produced by Michael Giblin & Parallax Project
Recorded at Red Chuck Studio, Mechanicsburg, Pa
Mastered at Rodney Mills Masterhouse, Atlanta, GA

All songs by Michael Giblin except ** by Giblin/Murr/Patton/Thomas
c. 2006 Gibtunes ASCAP

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1. Never Gonna Be That Way
2. Whole Different Mary
3. Days Like These
4. Never Gonna Taste Like That Again
5. When I Hear Your Voice
6. Tonight
7. Perpetual Limbo
8. No Place Like Home
9. Santorini Sunset
10. Everyday**
11. Boy Genius**

Photography by Sam Grey Designs
Living room by Paul & Donna Nagle
Lighting by Torr Pizillo
Hair & Makeup by Deuce & Michelle Gibb
Wardrobe by Pop Deluxe

Brooke Clayton
Pamela Saunders
Jennifer Rodriguez
Heather Childs

Amazing Gracious and Heartfelt Thanks:

Susan, Kelly, Maggie, Erin, and all of our families and friends, Anna Borg and everyone at Tallboy Records, Sarah Chanderia and everyone at Hacate Entertainment Group, Ricky Castro, Darcie Miner, Michelle Libran Bell, Chris Lausch and everyone at Dogfish Head, Greg Barley and everyone at The Chameleon, Sam Gorgone, AJ & Altercana, The Blue Star, Sharyn Lesher & Pop Deluxe, Torr Pizillo, Deuce & Michelle Gibb, The Adams (Kowalczyk & Kontis), Matt & everyone at Gullifty's, Pam Saunders, Brooke Clayton, Jenny Rodriguez, Heather Childs, Diane Dragonette, Sam Grey, Vikki Walls, Wayne Supergenius, John Harris, The Jellybricks, Tony Kirchner, Paul & Donna Nagle, Jeffrey Gaines & Jackie Flora, The April Skies, Dan Kibler, Pawnshop Roses, The Martini Bros., and lots of people that we have probably overlooked. Thank you ALL!!