Matt Thomas
Jim Patton
Michael Giblin
Paul Murr

Parallax Project was supposed to be a loosely organized, shifting collection of musicians. At least that's what founding member Michael Giblin envisioned when he set out to create his first solo album, 2002's "Oblivious". But like Rocky and Post-It notes, where you're headed and where you end up are often two different things. In assembling a band to promote that first album, Michael ended up with a crack live unit, that draws upon a collective love of 60s Mods, 70's new wave, and Elvis (the skinny, mousy British one). Over the course of the last few years, the band has honed its edge and flaunted its love of the Ray Davies songbook, the result of which is "Perpetual Limbo", their 2nd full length release for the ultra-cool Tallboy Records.

Click on the links above to get to know each of these snake-charmers a little better, then go and meet the folks who helped them make "Perpetual Limbo":

Darcie Miner

Michelle Libran Bell

Ricky Castro

If you're not bored yet, you can also go learn about the fabulous musicians who helped make the 1st album, "Oblivious".

Parallax Project